Once Upon Impeachment

from The Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert

Role - Sound Mixing/Design (2019)

Air Date - Dec 19th, 2019

Late Night Cartoons Inc. - CBS Corporation

Wrangling Russia

from The Guardian

Role - Sound Mixing/Design (2018)

Directed by - Ilie Mitaru


Role - Sound Mixing/Design (2019)

Written/Directed - Erica Rose

Company - Easy Knock

*60s, 30s, 15s versions also mixed/available


Sound Design for a VR film intended for playback over headphones with Samsung GearVR.  Binaural Stereo and MS processing methods were used to allow the viewer to experience this VR world from the prospective of a ghost.

Via Tribeca Film Institute:

Haunt is a short virtual reality film about presence, experienced through the eyes of a ghost. She hovers in the places she used to be, invisible to the living - except for the sudden moments where someone seems to be looking straight at her (you), as if they can feel her presence. "Am I really here?" As she learns the ropes to being a ghost, she not only visits the places she remembers, but transports to her memories themselves, watching her past self try to live in the present. Now, without a body, she gets annoyed when her thoughts transport her elsewhere while she's haunting a room with the people she loved. She just wants to be there with them, hoping they'll look towards her for a moment.



Tribeca Film Festival: 2016 VR Interactive Playground Showcase

Tacoma Film Festival: VR Exhibit 2016

Oxford Film Festival 2016

Atlanta Film Festival 2017

Cleveland International Film Festival 2017

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