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Chris Pratt is an Invasive Species

Countless Thousands

Upcoming Album 'Woke Moralists' est 2024

Audio Mastering

William Sadler

The Kitchen Tapes

Role - Recorded/Mixed/Produced/Musician


First official music released by actor William Sadler!

Release Date: Aug 1st, 2023

What started out as a side project with a friend, recording songs over the past 3 years, this album is a labor of love.  Hope you enjoy!


The Nine Realms


Role - Scoring Mixer (2021-2023: 52eps)

Composer - Patrick Cannell

Our Cartoon President

Soundtrack - Season 1 & 2 (2020)

Soundtrack - Season 3 (2021)

Role - Musician/Mix/Mastering/Producing

Composer - Gabe Gundacker

Production - Our Cartoon President

Water Tower Records

Kenniston - The Wake

Role - Recording/Mixing/Mastering

Genre - Folk/Indie-Pop
For Demo Use Only

Sonic Experiments

Role - Musician/Recording/Mixing/Mastering

Artist - Matt Kulewicz
Genre - Experimental/Improv
Recorded at - James L. Dolan recording studio
NYU Steinhardt Music Technology
For Demo Use Only

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