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New York University

As an employee of NYU, I have many roles within the Music Technology department:

Adjunct Professor

MPATE-GE 2650 Ear Training for Audio Engineers

This course examines theories and techniques related to analyzing recorded and environmental sounds. Students will sharpen listening skills with comprehensive ear training exercises and guided critical listening explorations. Topics include frequency discrimination, reverberation, dynamics, distortion, sonic effects, sound ecology and other related topics. 


For Ear Training modules please see the 'Technical Ear Trainer'

via Audio Production and Critical Listening, by Jason Corey


MPATE-UE 1820 Internships in Music Technology

Undergraduate students are required to earn 3 credits of internship credit through practical experience in the Music Technology field.  The student is required to find the internship, as the coordinator I maintain the relationships through students and production houses throughout NYC and work with the students to ensure they get the most out of their learning experience.

Academic Advisor

I work with students to help them during their time at NYU, finding the best courses for them to take depending on their background, goals and abilities.  

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Audio Engineering Society

Convention Committee Member

AES 143 - October 2017 - Volunteers Chair

AES 145 - October 2018 - Volunteers Chair

AES 147 - October 2019 - Volunteers Chair

AES 149 - October 2020 - Audio for Cinema Co-Chair

Audio Restoration Specialist

On February 3rd, 1944, during his basic training to become a Radioman in the navy during WWII, my Grandfather made some phonograph audio recordings to send back home to my grandmother, before they were married.  While cleaning out his basement workshop after he passed away, I found these records under a pile of old 78's.  

I have since transferred/digitized and cleaned them up as much as possible.  The mold was pretty bad, and the signal was originally mostly surface noise.  I'm sure if I spent another month on it I could improve the clarity a little more, but the audio is already a 100x better.

These playlists below show both the before cleanup phase, once they were transferred and after they were cleaned up.

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